What’s in store for the Chakraverse NFT fanatics?

1.Fans are getting their long-awaited reunion with their favorite character in the form of NFTs. Did that get your attention? Of course, it did. IT’S STAN LEE.

2.His legend lives on even after his passing. It has now come back into the limelight to get its much-deserved recognition.

3.This is also a chance for Marvel fans to get their last semblance of a piece of their childhood (and adulthood) fantasy and dream factory churner that has been the creator for most of their beloved characters they love and worship.

4.The Indian NFT market has been on the hunt for a good Indian Super Hero for a while now, and here’s Stan Lee’s Chakra, the Invincible NFTs, which are up for grabs.

5.The Chakra NFT release is also coming right on time to pay tribute to Stan on his 99th Birthday Anniversary.

Who is Chakra?

This story revolves around Mumbai. Raju an average boy got his powers from Dr. Singh tech genius and an all-around-well-intent scientist . He collaborates with him on a top-secret project that would make disaster fall head over heels for the planet if it falls on the wrong hands.

From Raju to Chakra the Invincible

1.The story of Raju is a human story at its core. He goes on a bizarre journey with lots of pain, struggle, heart, laughter, and loss. That is the beauty of Stan Lee’s characters. 

2.Raju being the curious young blood, investigates some fishy activity inside his mentor’s lab and finds out about the break-in and the loot that’s about to happen. Knowing the consequences of the suit falling into the wrong hands, he puts on the suit and escapes. 

3.The suit helps amplify and harness the chakras of the body that are in correlation with the universe, and he uses them to his advantage to fight evil.

4.He goes on a life-changing journey fending off the wrongdoers and villains and his final showdown with his worst-ever antagonist counterpart, Boss Yama.

5.He has to find his courage and heal his inner chakras to defeat the humongous threat that is Boss Yama and his fellow goons.


1.Root Chakra/Yellow: Raju harnesses this energy to access his flight abilities.

2.Raksha Chakra/Blue: This creates a powerful force field that protects him from danger.

3.Solar Chakra/Red: Powerful red energy blasts that cause some wreck and damage.

4.Heart Chakra/Magenta: A healing chakra that comes in need when fighting supervillains all day long.

5.Voice Chakra/Green: A guiding voice that helps him filter out the truth from lies.

6.Vision Chakra/Purple: Helps him to access his suit whenever he needs.

7.Crown Chakra/White: The all entailing cosmic oneness chakra, which is very powerful and rare to access.

How Stan came to create Chakra the Invincible

1.Even though native Indian artists have tried to veer into the international markets, they have been less than successful. There was an untapped market potential in the Indian market for a need for representation for too long now. Now, with Stan on their side, it’s an even playing field.

2.He has said that he wanted to explore the stories and the experiences of the east in his superhero portfolio and make an impact with his work. Chakra stands as the embodiment of that promise. 

3.Among a plethora of superhero characters, this would be a first-ever Bollywood meets Hollywood co-creation by Stan Lee.

Where are the NFTs available, and how could you purchase them?

1.These NFTs from Chakraverse are brought to you by the entity that brought you your favorite Amitabh’s NFTs.

2.The initiative of Chakra NFT release is in honor of Stan Lee’s 99th Birthday Anniversary.

3.Beyond Life Club is the NFT marketplace where they are launching Stan Lee’s Chakra, the Invincible NFTs.

4.These collectibles include a unique one-of-a-kind collection of Chakra Art Punks, which are available for purchase with the thrill of getting to own any one of the 6865 random yet exquisite NFTs from the Chakraverse.

5.The 15 exceptional Chakra Art punks are up for auction, and each of them is uniquely different from the last.

6.There are only two available animated covers up for grabs in the auction.

7.Still, covers are limited and scarce to get your hands on with original artwork inspiration from the comic releases.

8.Some collections and NFTs also include an original rare signed lithograph of Stan Lee “Chakra The Invincible.

9.There is also a chance for you to win some superpowers for yourself with the seven Chakras, each Chakra is sold as a separate NFT, and it’s also up for 1/1 auction.

10.Last but not the least, NFT available for grabs are the only two animated NFT videos with Chakra’s iconic poses and powers.

To conclude the character arc of our superhero NFTs.

It is a rare opportunity for fans to get acquainted with their hero Stan for one last ride and have him be a part of their lives in the form of NFTs. It is also a wonderful space for comic book and superhero fans to make strides with trading the Chakra NFTs and be a part of a legacy-driven project. A win-win on all fronts.

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