How To Engage Remote Employees In 6 Simple Steps?

If earlier among remote workers there were mainly representatives of creative professions, for example, designers, copywriters, now both an accountant and legal advisers, many representatives of other specialties can safely work from home, visiting the office only when necessary.

Often, freelance work is needed to be done during inconvenient hours, including work on holidays or weekends. However, if you immediately correctly organize the workflow, this problem is solved.

Remote working is an approved method to work effectively too. But the question is to maintain your employees’ motivation and engagement, to always keep a productive working attitude. Here are six effective ways to help you reach that.

1.Stay connected to them

Let’s put it straight; it is impossible to work in remote mode if you are not in contact with your supervisors and teammates. Using video and working platforms such as Zoom, GoogleMeet, or Slack are indispensable in the case of having remote employees and keeping communicating with them during working hours. Good communication is a way to a productive and effective work environment.

2.Integrate remote employees in the working process

The answer to many surveys the first reproach of most the employees was loneliness. They can feel left out of the team and do not fully feel integrated by the working process. The supervisors have to think of virtual team-building activities and video chats or team messaging apps for the remote workers to feel fully integrated into the working process and the team.

3.Caring about your employees

It is important for the company to build meaningful relationships with the remote team. Do not overload them with a lot of work or give them tasks only by their responsibilities and skills. You have to be respectful of their performance. Give them enough time for rest and breaks. All the employees need to have rest, as it’s affecting their engagement and productivity.

4.Good communication with the employees

Asking them something and listening to their responses and feedback is vital. Good communication is the core of every successful relationship and especially a professional relationship. It is important to tell your employees about the reason you are taking this or that action or the reason you are not. This is a way to make an employee feel heard and important: they have to feel that their opinion is valued. Ask them questions, or listen carefully to their concerns and questions. Building trust and understanding between employees, especially working remotely, will engage them and motivate them to work better.

5.Recognize the contributions of your employees

As already mentioned, the remote workers always feel left out, so it is important for them to be recognized by the team. The usage of some online platforms will give the worker some space to comment, chat and be seen and heard, and feel engaged in the work process. Besides that, communication channels are a good opportunity to stay connected also after working hours and build friendly relationships, which will have a positive impact on the working environment as well.

6.Support the newly hired ones

The process of hiring new specialists is a result of an effective recruiting process. And this process continues normally even while working remotely. Newly hired remote specialists naturally feel left out and in need of support from the team members to be fully engaged in the working process. They will usually need some training, communication, and resources before starting working.


Basically, remote workers are representatives of IT professions, advertising and marketing specialists, designers, translators, and creatives. The most demanded remote professions are programmers, copywriters, journalists, translators, designers, illustrators, and SMM specialists.

Remote work is the future and partly the present. By transferring employees to a remote mode of work, employers save on the office and can hire specialists from other cities and even countries, and this way of earning is more convenient and comfortable for employees.

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