6 Features that Set Dedicated Hosting Apart

Data from 2021 revealed that North America has 5,000 web hosting providers, whereas 3,000 web hosting providers are currently operational in Europe. Asia, too, has its share of 2,000 web hosting providers. But it doesn’t guarantee that these providers offer the same hosting solutions. Since you’ve to choose from different hosting plans, it’s best to explore the types first and be clear on which features fit your requirements, since each type has its own set of pros and cons. For instance, shared hosting checks all the boxes if you run a small blog, VPS allows you to scale easily according to the changing needs of your business, a Dedicated server is dedicated to your business entirely, and best Cloud hosting is best when you’re looking for cost efficiency, and so on.

With a plethora of benefits of each server hosting type, you’re bound to feel overwhelmed. To ease the confusion, go through the following features of dedicated server hosting and see if it’s what you’re looking for.

1)     Ability to Scale

Most businesses grow exponentially, expand their client base and generate more revenue with time. With insufficient resources that come with shared or cloud hosting, managing sudden surges in traffic and other factors of a growing business can become a challenge.

That’s where a cheap dedicated server steps in and takes the lead to overcome these challenges. It’s the type of server that assures 100% on-demand performance. Dedicated servers are great in terms of accommodating various roles, for instance, it might work for you if WordPress featuring a MySQL database or an Apache PHP front end is what you need. And when your business moves to the next level, a dedicated server will be there to fulfill what’s required. But what if your business reaches new heights unexpectedly? Dedicated server hosting will cater to your growing needs by adding extra dedicated hosts. This way, you can shift website applications on various nodes to keep the platform up and running.

2)     A Reliable Server

Web-dedicated hosting plans are the most reliable. If you need a server for enterprise-grade management, managed dedicated server offers unmatched online availability. On the other hand, shared or VPS hosting doesn’t have enough potential to provide this level of reliability. Dedicated server hosting ensures that all resources are used in the process. Be it bandwidth or speed, dedicated servers utilize everything in a balanced way.

3)     Top-Tier Security

As a business owner, you’d want to keep sensitive data secured. Online businesses are vulnerable to cyberattacks and struggle to prevent confidential information from being breached. Of course, as a business owner, you aim to invest in a safe and secure hosting plan. Without robust security measures, you can put business operations at risk, damage your reputation and make your company suffer in terms of revenue. This is where dedicated servers outshine other server options.

Dedicated servers offer fail-safe protection and enable you to install software that assures security, such as anti-malware programs, firewalls, and so on. Do you need higher levels of security? Dedicated servers can offer security patches and easy upgrades to keep cyber-attacks or other breaches at bay. However, you need to find a hosting provider that also offers SSL certificates, DDoS protection, dedicated IP addresses, and spam filtering.

4)     A Flexible Plan

Operational flexibility is another feature that sets dedicated hosting apart from other server hosting solutions. If we talk about shared server ecosystems, installments from certain apps support the server operations, whereas, there’s no such hassle with the dedicated servers. This type of hosting offers unlimited flexibility, and on top of that, enables you to use the resources according to your requirements. You also get unlimited freedom to install and run any apps you want. Most importantly, users can choose their operating system from between Linux and Windows. And with the highest website performance level, there’s no need to worry over the latency factors. Although various factors influence user experience, you will have ample resources at your disposal to improve website performance even during unexpected traffic spikes.

5)     Satisfactory Technical Support

Your IT team may want to collaborate with your server hosting provider regarding technical support for various reasons, such as troubleshooting. But fret not, as many hosting providers include 24/7 technical support via live chat or phone. You will have 24/7 access to people with the necessary technical expertise to fix potential issues or help with server settings. Having technical support is essential to find solutions right away and keep the operations running round the clock.

6)     Timely Task Completion

Another reason to invest in a dedicated server is that it allows you to execute sensitive operations without interruption. These servers are great for installing and configuring essential software programs. With an average SLA-backed uptime guarantee of up to 99.99%, dedicated servers also ensure business continuity.

Moreover, dedicated servers aren’t as expensive as VPS in terms of maintenance costs. Amongst other benefits, these servers still perform well during the maintenance phase. You also get exposure to unmatched business activities using the dedicated server, such as unique IP addresses, caching software, anti-spam filters, and more.

7)     Access to Control Panel Options

A Control panel with useful features enables you to manage your server and as well as web apps with ease. With dedicated server hosting, chances are you’ll get control panel options, such as cPanel or Plesk. Such features are essential, as they ensure flexibility and facilitate operations. On the other hand, these features help users finish important tasks on time. Having a control panel also allows users to install powerful spam filters, manage email accounts, and web-based apps, and facilitate file management, and database control.

Take Away

The stellar features of dedicated servers make them a considerable option for business owners. If you’ll be running a resource-intensive site with a plethora of features for top-tier performance, dedicated servers can become the right choice. Be it scalability or security, it’s nearly impossible to find a series of useful features in a single hosting option like you get in dedicated servers.

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