A Brief Guide To Epoxy Flooring And Its Features

Floors bear weight and should be styled in a strong, reliable, and luxurious way. Floors cover the central area of buildings; they can add beauty to the interior and ruin the interior’s elegant look if selected without monitoring their features.

Selecting a floor type is tricky because the market is loaded with different luxurious floor options. The one addition is smooth epoxy flooring. This article serves you the best in case you are confused about epoxy floors; all the features and the application method have been described briefly to wipe out your confusion.

Epoxy is a luxurious floor type that comes in various shades to match your place’s interior. This floor type does not compromise on its functionality and comes in a reasonable price range to serve you the best way.

Expert Application Of Epoxy Floors

These floors are designed to fulfill your demands and the requirements of your place. Epoxy flooring does not require high maintenance and is easy to install. But you have to prepare your floor a bit to get a perfect epoxy surface floor. With the shiny epoxy appearance, these floors come in different shades and add a luxurious look to your place.

Because of their strength, they are mostly installed on concrete in commercial places and industries where the floor gets exposed to heavy foot traffic and weights. Buy the Best Epoxy flooring in Dubai for a limitless shade option and easy installation. Here is a complete epoxy application method explained step by step to clear every ambiguity related to the luxurious epoxy floor from your thoughts.

1. Prepare Your Already Existing Floor

For installing a high-performance, long-lasting epoxy floor, prepare your existing floor in a required way, this flooring type needs a little porous but clean surface to stick/fix properly. If you want a durable and smooth epoxy finish, apply a primer or polymer coat so that the epoxy layer can adhere well.

2. Mix Both Well (Resins And Chemical Hardener)

Epoxy contains two materials, resins and chemical hardeners, the chemical hardener is also termed the curing agent, and the epoxy coat prepares after mixing them both well. Get them both mixed in a ratio mentioned on the cover, usually in a fifty-fifty ratio. After mixing them, layering the final product on the primer/polymer for a durable finish. Epoxy seems shiny but offers no-slip trips; instead offers proper stability even when wet.

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3. Levels The Epoxy Surface

Epoxy flooring does not demand a proper tool for its leveling; you can get a simple available tool/brush to level the surface; a self-leveling epoxy floor can spread itself to fill dents and damages of the existing floor to serve you in the best way.

4. Epoxy Two-Layer Application

Epoxy floors are always recommended to be applied twice for the best finishing; after applying a single epoxy coat, wait a while. Let the first epoxy elegant floor dry, and then apply the second coat. Take proper care while applying the final epoxy coat because it will appear the way you apply it. The two-layer epoxy adds durability and an extra-strength feature to your floor, which is best for a heavily exposed area.

Note: Some epoxy floors do not offer water, stains, and scratch-resistant quality, see the packet before purchasing, and also, you can add a water-proof coat layer to them for additional protective features.

5. Let Your Floor Be Ready

Most people say that after a full day of the final epoxy coating, your floor will be ready to get exposed to heavy traffic and weights. But it is recommended to wait at least two days and let your shiny epoxy floor be ready to bear heavy weights without getting damaged. Wait a while to prepare them to maintain their luxurious look with a low-maintenance routine.

Features Of Epoxy Floors

Epoxy Floors are getting hyped in the market because of their elegant shiny, smooth look that can be maintained with low maintenance and their fantastic durability and robust nature. Some of the appreciated features have been written below to let you know the servings of these low-demanding floors.

Shiny Luxurious Interior Looks: Epoxy adds an elegant look to your interior with its endless shade list. You can choose any epoxy shade according to your taste and place requirements.

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Epoxy Is Strong: The durable floor type is known for its strength; it can maintain its eye-catching luxurious finishing with heavy loads and rough maintenance.

Provides Full Resistance: In commercial areas, floors get damaged when exposed to chemicals, especially acids. Epoxy layering provides complete protection against chemicals. The epoxy layer, if applied twice, resists water, oil, stains, and scratch marks. Extended water stays do not damage epoxy flooring, and it does not let any stains or scratches invade its layers so that you can enjoy a luxurious interior look.

Easy Installation And Maintenance: Epoxy lavish floors are easy to install, and that’s why they only add a minor disturbance to your work; you can apply the epoxy flooring in some hours. These floors demand a very low maintenance routine and hence are time-saving.

Highly Safe Floor Type: The epoxy floor has an anti-slip feature; its shiny look adds more safety to the environment and prevents sudden falls, so it is safe to install in a commercial area with high foot traffic exposure.

Maintain Temperature: The epoxy is good to get adjusted with underfloor heating, which is why it can maintain the temperature of your place.

Ultraviolet Rays Prevention: With a proper epoxy finishing coat, this flooring type can protect you from harmful ultraviolet radiation so that you get proper safety measures from harmful rays.

Come To An End

To install a luxurious epoxy floor, you need to clean your existing floor and mix both materials in the required quantity. Applying primer before the epoxy will provide a perfect stickiness to the epoxy layer, apply at least two layers of epoxy and wait for two days to let it be ready for bearing heavy loads. Epoxy adds an elegant look to the interior and is a durable and robust floor type with full resistance quality and low maintenance demands.

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