Payroll service in Turkey is one of the growing and demanding general organizers that contributes to the operation of companies and businesses. The service has been requested, especially from businesses that try to catch up with the payroll requirements and tax regulations.

When it comes to the definition of payroll service provider, PSP (Payroll Service Provider) is a third-party company that provides payroll needs and processes to companies or businesses. This service includes payroll tax statements, payroll calculations, employee hours, cutting checks, depositing funds and employee salaries

. Payroll providers carry out these services on behalf of the corporations to concentrate on their own goals and success to advance and develop their companies rather than dealing with payroll management.

Payroll and Human Resources management are becoming incredibly challenging and resource-intensive subjects in Turkey as well as in other countries because of the high regulatory requirements and frequent legislative changes. It is safe to delegate responsibilities to a local team of knowledgeable specialists.

Payroll service provider in Turkey not only reduces administrative burdens, save time and resources but also removes the danger of incompliance and the subsequent penalties imposed by local statutory authorities.

. Organizing your payroll solution in-house in Turkey would necessitate the creation of a separate legal structure.

which is inconvenient if you spend most of your time overseas or if it necessitates hiring additional employees to keep up with payroll management. At this exact point, a payroll service provider in Turkey steps in and simplifies your accounting. Thus, you don’t need to change your business strategy just to accommodate payroll in Turkey.

As an umbrella company, ERAI Turkey is also a payroll company in Turkey that can provide payroll services for your businesses and companies and handle payroll management, including employee payments, tax regulations and paper filing.

social, administrative, and legal elements of your operations in Turkey can be carried out by ERAI Turkey on your behalf.


  • Payroll calculation and data collection: It includes verification of all data so as to process detailed taxes and net wages following statutory requirements.
  • Payment administration: This service covers payment orders and distribution of payments to employees and local authorities.
  • Preparation of legal reports: The article contains statutory payroll reporting and filing to include the Tax Office, Labor Office, statistics offices, social and health insurance companies, and others, as well as regular communication with these agencies.
  • Management reporting: Regular reporting within agreed-upon scope, along with other specific reports required by your management.
  • Tax on personal income: Calculation and filing of personal income tax forms, as well as assisting employees in gathering the relevant information and documentation.
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In addition to mentioned articles above, there are payroll service companies that provide Human Resources (HR) administration, including:

  • Organizing all employee personal files in accordance with legal standards.
  • New employee registration and related information
  • Arranging employment-related papers like contracts, job descriptions, and other forms, using specified templates and in compliance with Turkish law.


Your business and company need to find the most suitable payroll provider in Turkey as it is needed for your company’s security, the protection o private data and the quality of the service from which you will benefit. It would help if you considered the following articles as they might be quite beneficial for your company’s flow of work and financial procedures.

  • Availability of the service: The payroll service should not be complicated. It should feature a user-friendly interface that allows you to conduct payroll and quickly add employees to the system.
  • Compliance: You should seek a payroll provider that integrates your existing programs such. As accounting software and time and attendance systems.
  • Cost: The payroll service provider should be selected in compliance with the company’s budget. The price structure you choose could have a significant financial impact depending on how frequently you operate payroll. Some providers work month-to-month without long term contracts, while others demand yearly commitments.
  • Customer support: It is crucial to work with a payroll company that can assist you in case when you need it. It would be best if you had peace of mind knowing that a customer service member is on hand to ensure a successful engagement with the payroll provider.
  • Status: Knowing the position of the payroll provider plays a significant role in choosing the right one for your company. You ought to find a company with a proven track record and positive evaluations. So that you will secure your business knowing that they have experienced similar payroll concerns before.
  • Additional services: Many payroll service providers offer several different services.
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There are numerous benefits of working with a payroll service company in Turkey for payroll management of the corporations, including:

  • There is no need for businesses to create a legal structure in Turkey.
  • Businesses have just one interlocutor who is following employees in Turkey.
  • In Turkey, there is no bookkeeping.
  • Payroll companies in Turkey are knowledgeable about all the rules and legal regulations. So that they are able to operate your businesses in compliance with current laws.
  • The payroll service provider saves your time and helps you focus on the goals and success of your business efficiently.


The cost of the payroll service provider varies based on several factors such as the size of the company. The payroll method and where it operates. Payroll service companies use different pricing models, but the majority of them charge per-payroll or per-employee costs. Besides, additional services might have a base cost charged annually or monthly.

Intervals of payroll, number of employees in total, the required types of services. Frequency of added or removed payrolls and the number o states are the fundamental factors.

That can affect and change the payroll service cost. On the other hand, there are additional payroll service payments: automatic signing checks, direct deposit. Printing and delivery of paychecks, tax filing, and year-end processing.

Because of the payroll service costs variation, business and company management should check. Which services are included in the package before committing to a payroll service provider.

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