Get the New Vingo App for iOS – It is Awesome

A great news for all the Online Running/Cycling enthusiasts out there. Vingo the latest and the most dynamic Indoor exercise app is now available for iOS. So, all you iPhone users can also experience the full power of the app and enjoy online cycling or indoor running with the app.

The App was Available only for Windows

The app is known for its amazing Virtual Reality experience when training. The beginning versions were originally designed for Windows Tablets only. This was to cater to the users who primarily used tablets for online exercises.

But, with the rise in the use of iPhones and their screens getting bigger, it is now easy for the developers to give out an Apple specific app for them. You can now find the app in your AppStore and install it with ease, be it in your iPhone, iPad, or even your MacBook.

iOS Version is Cleaner & Better

What’s different about the iOS version is that the Vingo App is much smoother and better to use than its other versions. This is because of Apple’s unique processors that allow for better functioning of the app. The iOS version is more compatible and it doesn’t require constant updates for functioning too.

The ANT+ Sensors in the app is an added advantage too. These sensors provide for seamless connectivity with your iPhone/iPad with your treadmill/bike.

Amazing Features & Stunning Graphics Quality

With the app by your side, you can turn your exercise into an amazing adventure. The app is filled with hundreds of maps, each with detailed sceneries and real-life facts about them. with just a click of a button the app will transform your work-out spot into a virtual map, where you will feel a totally different world around you.

The latest addition to the maps is the Iceland map, with its stunning volcanoes and steep peaks. Both cyclists and runners around the world are exploring the numerous spots in Iceland every day, right from their homes.

Get Fit the Fun Way with This Amazing App

Truly, the app is an amazing new experience for many. But there are a lot more features in this run go app, that will amaze you. One such feature is the presence of customisable avatars. You can create your own digital self with this feature and it will represent you within the online world. All you need to do is take a selfie with the app. You can then add different outfits to your avatar or different exercise equipment to yourself or even add your puppy with you.

The next best thing is you can chat with the other users in real time. The voice chat feature allows you to talk to your exercise buddies and connect with them, no matter where they may be from around the world.

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