Drift Hunters: Most Famous Drift Car Racing Game (2022)

Drift Hunters is the most popular racing drift game available on the App Store, having more than 50 million games played and a 4.5 stars ratings. The aim in the game’s goal is quite simple: you must get your drift car to the end without hitting the walls. The road to victory isn’t as easy as it appears but you’ll need to learn to master drifting and perform perfect drifts to score points. The more precise your drifts, the higher points you’ll accumulate. In the end, it’s all about being the one with the highest points following three rounds. In the first, the round that you start is the most time-consuming one, so it’s important to complete that round first. If you’re able to finish your first round in a perfect manner and you’re able to get the next round. Have fun!


Drift Hunters is a 3D car-drifting game that can be enjoyed online. Modify your car and race in a variety of challenging tracks. The turbocharger, engine, gearbox and weight along with the brakes can all be modified. It is also possible to adjust your vehicle’s settings and brakes in addition. Offsets as well as braking pressure as well as brake balance, chambers and many more can be altered.

Find out the best drifting configuration. You can also alter the appearance of your vehicle by changing the colors of the body and rims. Select from a selection of rims and body styles. Drift Hunters offers over 20 different options of vehicles and you can earn money to purchase new models. Races can take place on various tracks. Think about traditional race tracks and city race tracks. mountain races and more!

Drift Hunters is a web game that was developed using Unity. Drift Hunters is accessible for free on any PC. You don’t need to download anything and you can play within your browser. Drift Hunters is a fun game that you can play on Poki and make sure to use some rubber.

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Summary of Drift Hunters’ Game

Drift Hunters is a well-loved and well-loved collection of games. The game involves driving vehicles for long periods of time without hitting the ground and is a lot more difficult than it appears. The art of drifting is a crucial ability to master before participating with others in Drift Hunters tournaments. Drift Hunters is a popular game due to its testing ability and perseverance. It is a game where you’re given a car that you can take for hours without getting into a crash.

Drift Hunters is inspired by speed racers. If you’re an avid speed racer or you love sports cars or racing cars, then Drift Hunters is an ideal choice for you. Because Drift Hunter’s super car comes equipped with all the features as a race car. You are able to choose the model of the super car you want. Make it your own to get your most efficient engine. It is possible to modify the machinery to create one of the strongest vehicles you have at your choice. The brakes, the weight, the supercar, transmission and engine could be modified using standard components. Some of the most amazing things that you thought you would only be able to experience in a billion-dollar racing car that you can have at home.

Drift Hunters Attractions

Graphics are the main feature for Drift Hunters. Because of the UNITY Drift Hunters’ graphics Drift Hunters are extremely realistic and beautiful.

Particularly, the super-stage will be created to be extremely real. Each detail is considered. The design and color of the car are very symphony and clear. The sound getting started is extremely lively. It makes you feel as if you’re part of the real thing.

Another benefit is the fact that Drift Hunters is not a combat game, but an individual game. This means you can travel through beautiful roads, without having to pay any attention to others.Drift Hunters is an almost infinite game. You can travel through hundreds of kilometres and accelerate from 0-360.

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